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'Sherlock' interactive trailer: Clues, and a magnificent mustache

The new trailer for season 3 of the BBC's "Sherlock" debuts with never-before-seen video footage and photos embedded in the trailer itself. Be warned: Spoilers ahead.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Sherlock Holmes is back! Dr. Watson's Magnum P.I. mustache! New love interest! Mrs. Hudson screaming! This and many more moments worthy of any rabid "Sherlock" fan can be found in the new interactive trailer released by BBC One.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, so if you've never watched "Sherlock" or are catching up (there are only three episodes a season) stop reading now.

The trailer shows what happens when Sherlock Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) returns two years after faking his own death. The faked death isn't really a spoiler to fans considering Sherlock does in fact show up (unbeknownst to Dr. Watson, played by Martin Freeman) at the cemetery where he's buried at the end of season 2's sad finale.

But with Sherlock gone, his friends, family, and colleagues move on, leaving the the Great Detective a little miffed that life does go on without him.

The trailer includes Sherlock, Watson, Sherlock's powerful brother Mycroft (Mark Gatiss -- also the show's co-creator), Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade (Rupert Graves), Anderson (Jonathan Aris), Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs), and everyone's favorite pathology lab assistant Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey). We also see that Watson has a love interest, played by actor Freeman's real-life partner Amanda Abbington.

The interactive trailer includes extra video clips (with more unlockable content to come) of Sherlock and Watson's love interest racing around London on a motorcycle; Watson holding hands with her at Sherlock's grave; Sherlock overlooking the grand vista of London contemplating his next move; and Sherlock pinning new clues and suspects to his wallpapered wall at his Baker Street flat. Click on the circles that pop up during dialog to uncover the clues.

Plus, there's a brief snippet of a behind-the-scenes interview with Gatiss and "Sherlock" co-creator Steven Moffat chatting about the detective's "death."

"Sherlock" season 3 premieres on January 1, 2014 on BBC One in the UK and on January 19 on PBS. But for those of us too antsy to wait until January for our Sherlock fix, BBC One just announced that a minisode called "Many Happy Returns" will be released on Christmas Day. BBC One tweeted on December 3: "Sherlock has been gone for 2 years. But someone isn't quite convinced that he's dead."