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Sherilyn Fenn may return to 'Twin Peaks' in revival series

Fenn might reprise her role as Audrey Horne in David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" series, which will air in 2017 on Showtime.

Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) could be drinking his favorite coffee once again alongside Audrey Horne on the "Twin Peaks" revival.

The owls may not be what they seem in "Twin Peaks," but according to recent reports from entertainment blogs, it's starting to look like the upcoming revival on Showtime might end up resembling the series from '90s as more of the original actors join the cast.

Actor Sherilyn Fenn could be reprising her role as the quirky yet captivating Audrey Horne in the "Twin Peaks" revival series, according to reporter Nellie Andreeva from Deadline, who says to have heard "Fenn has signed on to reprise the role that's expected to have a major presence in the new installment."

While actor Kyle MacLachlan -- who portrays the FBI Agent Dale Cooper -- is the only member of the cast who has been officially announced by Showtime to be part of the show, Fenn tweeted the article from Deadline on Friday with her comments, "Tweets...Your kindness, love & support is beautiful...thank you all...I will give AH all I have."

Previously, Andreeva from Deadline wrote in November, "No one is commenting but I have learned that Miguel Ferrer is set to reprise his role as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield from the original series."

In addition to speculation from Deadline, paparazzi staking out the "Twin Peaks" set have also spotted actor Sheryl Lee, who played Laura Palmer, along with actor Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Actor Michael Horse, who played Deputy Hawk in the series, has appeared in the latest official "Twin Peaks" trailer released by Showtime on December. This could also mean that Horse might be cast to reprise his role in the new series.

Another previous "Twin Peaks" actor, David Duchovny, has asked to reprise his role as the DEA agent Dennis/Denise Bryson.

While it's fun to guess which actors will or will not be making an appearance in the "Twin Peaks" revival series, no official comments have been made that any actors aside from MacLachlan have been made by Showtime or the show's co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost.