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'Shaun of the Dead' turns 10 with free interactive screenplays

To celebrate the 10th birthday of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's rom-zom-com, interactive screenplays for "Shaun of the Dead", "Hot Fuzz", and "The World's End" are yours to enjoy for free.

Cult rom-zom-com "Shaun of the Dead" is 10. Universal

You've got red on you...and now you can get read too, with free interactive screenplays for "Shaun of the Dead", "Hot Fuzz", and "The World's End" to celebrate 10 years of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's rom-zom-com on the big screen.

Cult British romantic zombie comedy "Shaun of the Dead" was released 10 years ago today, and to celebrate you can enjoy annotated interactive screenplays complete with pictures, behind-the-scenes snippets and original storyboards.

Star Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright followed much-loved TV show "Spaced" with "Shaun", penned by the pair as a love letter to the zombie movies of George A Romero. Planned out on a big flip-chart, the screenplay introduces us to the hapless Shaun and his best friend Ed -- played by Nick Frost -- as they navigate the pitfalls of love, friendship, and the small matter of an annoying zombie apocalypse.

"Shaun of the Dead" was followed by action movie "Hot Fuzz" in 2007 and pub-crawling sci-fi epic "The World's End" in 2013 -- together, the trio became known as the Three Flavours Trilogy for the red, blue and green Cornetto ice creams that thematically tie the films together. You can enjoy "Hot Fuzz" and "World's End" screenplays today too, reading them online or downloading a PDF from threeflavorsscreenplay.com.

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"Shaun" star Simon Pegg went on to be the new Scotty in the rebooted "Star Trek" and is soon to appear in another "Mission: Impossible" outing, while Edgar Wright also co-wrote Steven Spielberg's "Adventures of Tintin" and helmed "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." Wright is next to direct Paul Rudd as Marvel superhero "Ant-Man".

In the past few years CNET has caught up with Edgar Wright to talk , and "Shaun" co-star Nick Frost to talk iPad clown trousers.