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Shatner comes back from the dead for Priceline

We last saw him going over a bridge with a bus. His body was never found. And yet somehow William Shatner has negotiated his way back to life for Priceline.

Priceline/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The last time anyone saw William Shatner, he seemed to have met a grisly end.

He had saved a busload of vacationers. Their only expense was his life. For the bus, with the Priceline Negotiator inside, folded over a bridge and into a wet nothing.

The mourners were few, but their pain was considerable.

How must they feel now to discover that he is still alive? I am grateful to CNN for revealing that the Priceline Negotiator is not dead, but merely resting.

Still in his suit, he lives by the beach. He surfs the waves more than he surfs the Web.

"Surfing is my life now," he says to someone who looks remarkably like a CIA operative -- a man who is concerned that Shatner seems to have given him the slip.

It's not that Shatner is unaware of his negotiating prowess. It's not that he's lost it. It's that he now has other priorities.

The man from the CIA wants to know who can possibly replace him. He has come to beg. Government budgets are tight these days.

"So this is it?" he says to Shatner.

The ending will bring a saline sense to your eyes and your nose.

It seems that Shatner will continue to be Priceline's face and and spirit. The company has had a difficult time since his apparent demise. As Google buys Frommer's and keeps encroaching on well-traveled territory, Priceline must use enhanced weaponry.

A Google-tweaking Shatner ad would surely offer the opportunity for the former Captain Kirk to fight alien beings all over again.