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Sharp shows off 108-inch LCD TV

Sharp releases a giant, 108-inch flat-panel LCD TV, and supposedly it will actually be available to customers.

Sharp's 108-inch flat LCD TV
Matthew Moskovciak/CNET Networks

It wouldn't be CES without some giant TVs that nobody can afford, and Sharp has done its part with a gigantic 108-inch LCD TV. The 1080p-resolution set measures 93.9 inches high by 52.9 inches wide, so you'll probably need a mansion to go along with your new TV. There's not much more to say except that, unlike many of the giant TVs that are unveiled, Sharp announced at its press conference that this set actually will be available to consumers.

We had a chance to take a quick look at this set both at the press conference and on the CES floor, and our initial impressions weren't that positive. Senior Editor David Katzmaier and I both saw some very noticeable darker and lighter areas of the screen, most likely because of uneven backlighting. To be fair, the sets we saw were prototypes, so maybe they'll be able to iron out the kinks by the time it's released. Pricing was not revealed, but we feel comfortable speculating that it will cost more than the 70-inch Sony.