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Sharp introduces new LED-backlit LCDs

Sharp announced the introduction of a line of LED-backlit Aquos TVs.

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The LC-52LE700UN is one of Sharp's new LED-backlit Aquos TVs. Sharp

Sharp's first line of LED-based LCD displays is called the LC-LE700UN series, and it's available in four screen sizes. Here's a quick look:

Models (availability, suggested retail price)

  • LC-32LE700UN (July, $1,100)
  • LC-40LE700UN (July, $1,700)
  • LC-46LE700UN (July, $2,200)
  • LC-52LE700UN (July, $2,800)

Key features of the Sharp LC-LE700 series

The LE700 series, except for the 32-inch model, also features Aquos Net, Sharp's Internet-based service that features access to weather, stocks, and games, among others. The service, which was originally shown off at CES 2008, doesn't seem as full-featured as some other interactive TVs already available.

The company intends for the new Aquos LED series to be a wallet-friendly way to get LED-backlight technology. It looks like Sharp could live up to its low-price intention, as the LE700 series should be competitively priced against other LED-backlit models, like the Samsung UNB6000, the Toshiba SV670U, and the LG LH90 series.

The LE700 series features a "full array of LEDs" behind the screen, but doesn't have local dimming, a technology that allows different areas of the screen to brighten and dim separately. Past TVs we've reviewed with local dimming exhibited superb black levels, but we haven't tested any LED-equipped sets without local dimming aside from Samsung's edge-lit models, which didn't perform as well as the local dimming displays. Also, while Sharp is touting the LE700's native 120Hz refresh rate, a number of its LED competitors are already pushing 240Hz sets. Other than its energy-saving capabilities, it's not entirely clear how this kind of LED backlight offers much of an improvement over standard LCDs, so we'll have to look into it when we get our hands on the LE700 series.