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'Sharknado 4' goes for the nuclear option in new movie preview

The snark-worthy SyFy franchise promises sand-nados, and strippers punching out sharks, in the new film airing July 31.

If seeing the president of the United States (Mark Cuban!) surf down a staircase in the US Capitol on a presidential portrait sounds stupid, or you don't snort-laugh at April (Tara Reid, because of course) successfully giving birth inside the belly of the shark that swallowed her, you're not on board the
"Sharknado" trolley. The SyFy TV movie series is meant to be as nutty as a squirrel's shopping list, and the fourth film, airing July 31, is trying to up the insanity.

In a new video, stars Ian Ziering and Reid explain how last summer's "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" leads into this year's "Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens." It's five years after April's presumed death from space-shuttle debris (play along...), and Ziering's character, Fin, has moved inland, where sharknados never form.

OR DO THEY? Maybe sharknados don't, but something called a "sand-nado" has no problem expanding the toothy tornados' reach. And there's a point where -- we don't get this, and that's just fine, because it's "Sharknado" -- the storm goes nuclear.

Thankfully, Fin has no trouble recruiting his fellow citizens to help him save the world. These include a Vegas male stripper who helpfully punches out a shark. An earlier trailer shows another stripper using a pelvic punch on the shark, because American entertainers are nothing if not resourceful.

(Via Inverse)