Share your vacation with these online services

Once you return from your vacation, you'll probably be looking for ways to share your experience with others. Well, we've got you covered.

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It's almost summer. Chances are, you'll soon be vacationing somewhere in the world. But what if you want to share that vacation with loved ones?

With the help of these vacation-sharing tools you'll be able to do just that. You can document where you've been, share pictures, and upload videos. And you'll probably enjoy reliving the experience.

Share your travel plans

EveryTrail adds interactive mapping to your experience. Don Reisinger/CNET

EveryTrail EveryTrail populates your profile page with all the places you've been on vacation. But instead of requiring you to do it yourself, the site uses your GPS device and photos to do it for you. Whenever you go on vacation and bring your GPS device with you, EveryTrail will take your GPS tracks to plot where you've been. When you upload photos to the site, you can add them to the map to show where they were taken. You can also add descriptions to the locations and photos to provide more detail on what you've done. Although EveryTrail requires you to have a GPS device to enjoy it, I think you'll really like it.

Here or There? Here or There is a place to share all your travel experiences in a blog. You can post pictures, videos, and share your vacation with readers. You can also check out other travel blogs from other users to see how their vacations went. Here or There is a nice idea that works well.

myTripBook myTripBook lets you record and share all your travel experiences. For each trip you take, you'll create a diary detailing what you did on your vacation. You can add photos and videos to supplement your content. The site also boasts a recommendations tab so you can tell your readers which bars and restaurants you recommend. myTripBook is a nice service and its trip tracking is outstanding.

RealTravel has great blogs. Don Reisinger/CNET

RealTravel RealTravel might focus mainly on the dissemination of travel information, but its blog page gives you the opportunity to share your travel experiences. Once you create your free blog, you can use the site's interactive maps to route your trip. You can upload an unlimited number of photos and share slideshows with friends through automatic e-mails that are sent whenever your blog is updated. You can also follow your friends' blogs. RealTravel's blogs section is worth trying out.

TravBuddy TravBuddy gives you the option to create a blog and detail how your vacation went. You can write a full description of your vacation, upload photos, and allow others to comment. You can even review the different places you've been to share your experiences with others. The TravBuddy blogs aren't as nice as RealTravel's and they don't offer the extras, like slideshows. But they're still nice if you want to quickly share experiences.

TripTie TripTie is one, big online community of travelers sharing their vacation stories. You can talk about your favorite places, share travel tips, and upload photos. You can even input how much each activity cost and provide contact information to make it easier for others to go where you went. TripTie is a really neat site.

VCarious VCarious is one of the nicest travel-sharing sites on the Web. While you're on vacation, you can create a VCarious journal, so you can detail every second of your trip. You can upload photos to supplement your journal. And if you want to make sure others do what you did, you can even write a travel guide, which can be viewed by the entire VCarious community. My favorite feature is the site's "Visuals." Instead of writing out your travels, you can use the Visuals tab to place photos on points on a map where you've been. It's a neat tool that adds even more value to an otherwise great site. I highly recommend it.

WAYN brings a Twitter-like service to travel. Don Reisinger/CNET

WAYN WAYN (Where Are You Now?) is a well-designed, highly detailed site that combines social networking with travel in a package that's second to none. When you want to share your vacation experience, you can upload pictures, input what you're doing at any moment with a Twitter-like service, and blog about your travels. You can also post videos of where you've been. But it's the site's design that makes it outstanding. It's clean and intuitive. I was quite impressed.

The Top 3

Trying to quickly find the top vacation-sharing services? Here you go:


2. VCarious

3. myTripBook