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Share home video with TiVo personal channels

TiVo and One True Media let users send content to friends via their TiVo.

Starting today, people can starting TiVoing you.

TiVo announced that it will let users send content, such as video montages and photos, over the TiVo network.

One True Media and TiVo
One True Media

Anyone can go to, create an account, upload a video, add a soundtrack, use One True Media's basic editing tools and create a personal TiVo channel. The video creator can invite any TiVo Series2 or Series3 owners to subscribe to that particular channel. Subscribers can add the new channel to their Season Pass; all videos uploaded to that channel will be delivered to each user's Now Playing list.

Of course, you know what this means: another avenue for cat videos. TiVo says it is not encouraging users to share clips of their favorite shows. Rather, the intention of TiVo Home Movies is to share personal footage without having to broadcast it on the Internet via a video-sharing site, or burn to a disc and send by mail.

TiVo specifically chose One True media because of its strict end-user licensing agreement, filtering tools and audience, said Evan Young, TiVo's director of broadband services.

"We did look long and hard at this space," he said. "We did want to choose something that was family friendly and appropriate to what this is. It's not about user-generated content, which is code for copyright violations."

For now, One True Media accounts are free: users can send up to five videos before April 30. After that, the standard rates of $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year apply. Once paid, subscriptions allow an unlimited number of uploads.