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Share files with one click and view in the browser with JumpShare

There are plenty of file-sharing services out there, but few makes it easier on both sides of the share than JumpShare. Just drag files to share and view them in most browsers.

File sharing is much in demand these days, and it feels as if there are more services or options popping up than anyone could keep up with easily. Those looking for something that is dead simple on both ends should check out JumpShare, which is just about as easy as possible to use. Here's how it works: 

  1. Point your browser to JumpShare. 
  2. Drag and drop any file into the window to start. (You can also click the button marked "Select files to share.") 
    Drag and drop files to share with JumpShare.
    Drag and drop files to share with JumpShare. Rob Lightner/CNET
  3. The files are then uploaded and ready to go. You have five simple sharing options: e-mail a link directly to the person you want to share with, copy and paste the share link, or share the file directly through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. 
  4. Anyone with the link can view a JumpShare page containing your files. Clicking any one of them takes them to a separate page in which they can view the file, download it, -email it, post it to a site of their choosing, or even delete it. 

That's it! Files only stay up for two weeks, so make sure that your recipients get on the ball when you share files with them. 

Here are some more file-sharing tricks: 

Thanks to GHacks for the tip!