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Share and discover new activities with Google Schemer

It can be hard to get good recommendations of activities or places to try out; often we just see whatever's most popular. Schemer is linked to Google+ and sets you up with great, targeted recommendations.

Rob Lightner
Rob Lightner is a tech and gaming writer based in Seattle. He has reviewed games, gadgets, and technical manuals, written copy for space travel gear, and composed horoscopes for cats.
Rob Lightner
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If you want a great place for lunch in an unfamiliar city or want to try something totally new in the town you know best, Google Schemer can set you up with surprising and cool ideas. Here's how it works: 

  1. Point your browser to Schemer. 
  2. Sign in with your Google account. 
  3. Click the "Find Stuff to Do" tab and add your favorite kinds of things and activities from the pop-up list. More is better! 
  4. Once you've added some favorites, the tab should populate with things to try and places to go. Click the plus icon to add it to your list, the check icon to note that you've done it already, or the X icon to remove it from your list. 
    Step 4: Check out Schemer recommendations.
    Step 4: Check out Schemer recommendations. Rob Lightner/CNET
  5. You can change your location or get recommendations for things to try at home in the location bar on the left.
  6. Click Your schemes to view those you want to try or to create your own. 
  7. Click Accomplices to see folks you know who are part of Schemer. Click them to see if you have any schemes in common and make plans to do them together, if you want. You can also add friends, of course. 

Schemer has mobile apps for Android and iOS that add location awareness, so you can get more targeted recommendations. You can make it a little handier by inviting Facebook friends to Google+. This piece by Sharon Vaknin covers privacy in Google+, which could be an issue if you make heavy use of Schemer. If you don't use Google+ much but want to get started,check out Sharon's piece on Seven Google+ essentials.