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Shakira says file sharing is just fine

The Colombian singer makes a rather intelligent argument in favor of those who illegally download. She says that file sharing is a gift that makes her feel closer to her fans.

Latinas sometimes have a way of explaining to you in short, telling words just how things stand.

So it is something of a bracing breeze in the desert to hear Shakira, the rather wily Colombian singer, declare herself to be in favor of file sharing.

If you've ever seen Shakira perform, as she did very recently on "Dancing with the Stars," you'll know that she is the kind of woman who would be rather upset if she didn't make your body move and your mind slip a little from its normal axis.

So please try to keep still when I tell you that for this pulsating performer, who has sold 50 million albums worldwide, file sharing represents "a democratization of music."

According to the Daily Mail, Shakira is rather fond of the somewhat piratical idea that downloads might be illegally shared amongst her fans.

The lady doth not protest at all. CC KindofaDraag/Flickr

"I like what's going on because I feel closer to the fans and the people who appreciate the music," she told the Mail. "And music is a gift. That's what it should be, a gift."

Unlike singers such as Lily Allen who appears, in a philosophically similar vein to John Kerry, to have been for file sharing before she was against it, Shakira has an instinctive feel for the fact that the practice cannot be stopped.

The relentlessly positive conclusion she takes from this is that the more people hear her insistent, consistent tones, the more people are going to like them and the more people will pay substantial sums to go to her concerts. At these concerts, they will sweat to the verge of passing out, after which they will need a clean Shakira T-shirt in which to go home in.

Naturally, it is easy for Shakira to support file sharing when she is so colossally, deservedly and humongously wealthy.

However, sometimes people get wealthy by appreciating precisely the mood of the people.

And Shakira, which happens to mean "thankful" in Arabic, is a woman who seems to know just how people's minds, bodies, and pockets truly work.