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SeV Travel Boxers keep your phone really close

This is a family site, so we'll dispense with the "is that a phone or are you just happy to see me" jokes and just say this seems an unlikely place to hide a device.

SeV Travel Boxers

Scottevest made its mark selling specially designed clothing with more than 20 pockets in a single jacket. Its latest entry, the SeV Travel Boxers, hits a little closer to home with the the tagline "Keep it in your shorts."

This underwear comes with a pocket that's just big enough to hide an iPhone beside the family jewels. Since this is a family-friendly site, we will (painfully) dispense with the "is that a phone or are you just happy to see me" line of jokes and just say that this seems like an unlikely place to hide a device unless you do not expect many calls outside a toilet.

Still, at $20 a piece (available in black or gray), it is a decent choice to hide items such as cash or credit cards if you decide to roam in unsavory parts of town. Still not convinced? CEO Scott Jordan believes in this product so much he actually modeled for the Travel Boxers on his Web site. How's that for dedication?

(Source: Crave Asia)

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