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'Sesame Street' tops 1 billion YouTube views, the Count celebrates

How do you get to be the first nonprofit to top 1 billion YouTube views? One view at a time. The Count from "Sesame Street" tallies them up.

Count still
The Count counts on YouTube.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You're famed PBS kids show "Sesame Street." You've just topped 1 billion views for your videos on YouTube since you joined in 2006. How do you celebrate? With the Count, of course!

The Count (whose full name is Count von Count) took to YouTube to display his singing and counting skills in a video tribute to "Sesame Street" reaching the 1 billion mark, the first time a nonprofit has topped that milestone, according to YouTube. "Gangnam Style," however, got there much more quickly.

A count of all the views individually would take an untold amount of time, so the Count decided instead to tackle the task of counting all the "you's" in "YouTube," which only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

In honor of the occasion, "Sesame Street" compiled a 1 Billion Views playlist featuring some of its most popular videos. Not surprisingly, Elmo is way up there with more than 87 million views for "Elmo's Song."

In an online world where success is measured in hits, views, likes, and comments, "Sesame Street" has carved out a decent niche for itself. That's not bad for a show that started more than 35 years before YouTube was even founded.

(Via The Mary Sue)