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ServerBeach sends YouTube a video kiss-off

After losing YouTube's business in December, staffers at hosting company ServerBeach film an homage to their two-year relationship.

It could be a sincere form of flattery or a way to vent two years of frustration, but after losing YouTube's business in December, hosting company ServerBeach filmed a four-minute video of staffers describing how annoying YouTube was to have as a client.

"For being a social site, these guys aren't very social," one ServerBeach employee said in the video, which it posted on YouTube in recent weeks.

Despite the harsh words, the video is a creative exercise in sarcasm, according to Angela Ramirez, manager of client loyalty at ServerBeach, a 6-year-old hosting company. She said that during her company's two years hosting YouTube's servers, their laid-back geek cultures were very similar. To pay homage to the relationship, ServerBeach wanted to send a creative, funny goodbye, she said.

Ramirez joked in the video: "Just because you got acquired by Google you think you're big shots now. You're on the Oprah show, The Today Show. Did you forget the little people that helped you grow to the company you are today. Now that you're millionaires, you just forget about us," said Ramirez, who later in the video asked YouTube co-founder Steve Chen if he's single.

One truth in the clip, Ramirez said, is that ServerBeach had to manually invoice YouTube for hosting services throughout its business relationship, despite ServerBeach's automated billing system. The manual invoice, which required more sign-off and work, was the result of the complexity and heft of YouTube's bill--the company sucked up as much as a petabyte a month in bandwidth.

"They had more than 200 servers here. We had to have the bill approved by corporate accounting, and they had to mail in checks," she said.

Despite the loss of the account, ServerBeach's business hasn't suffered, she said. YouTube is still a customer of its parent company Peer 1, but it likely replaced ServerBeach with Google's corporate data centers. Ramirez said that ServerBeach has gained a lot of business in referrals from YouTube.

As for YouTube's feeling on the matter, Ramirez said she sent the video to Chen and the guys, and they loved the sarcasm. "They asked us to put it up on YouTube. We're going to miss them."