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Sergey Brin rumored to be building world's largest airship

The Google co-founder reportedly wants the airship to be half delivery charter for humanitarian aid, and half luxury liner.

Sergey Brin in 2015.
James Martin/CNET

Sergey Brin is aiming high.

The Google co-founder and current president of Alphabet Inc., is allegedly building the world's biggest airship, according to The Guardian.

The craft is supposedly being built in a giant NASA hangar and will measure nearly 650 feet long (or 200 meters). It's estimated to cost around $100 to $150 million dollars.

"Sergey is pretty innovative and forward looking," said airship designer Igor Pasternak in an interview with the Guardian. "Trucks are only as good as your roads, trains can only go where you have rails, and planes need airports. Airships can deliver from point A to point Z without stopping anywhere in between." Pasternak worked on the project in its early stages.

The airship will deliver food and supplies to remote areas that need humanitarian aid, while at the same time provide luxury air travel to Brin's family and close friends.

Google declined a request for comment.