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Twitter mulls greatest tennis player: Williams or Federer?

Social Cues: After GQ calls Roger Federer the "greatest tennis player of all time," Twitter gushes back with love for Serena Williams...and also Waluigi.

Social Cues is our look at what people are talking about on social media.

The volley is flying on social media after a tweet declared Roger Federer the "greatest tennis player of all time."

Legions of people responded to GQ Magazine's tweet, pointing out that Federer could not be the tennis G.O.A.T, because the Swiss superstar is not Serena Williams. Williams has gained a cult following on Twitter thanks to her consistent dominance in tennis and her presence on social media -- but mostly because of how kickass she is at her game.

I mean, seriously, she broke the record with 23 Grand Slam titles, and her closest rival is her older sister, Venus Williams. Serena Williams wins so much that some people started to just call it a "Serena Slam." It's like if they decided to change the Super Bowl to the "Tom Brady Bowl," but of course, the New England Patriots quarterback doesn't have 23 championships.

And neither does Federer. Despite GQ calling him the greatest tennis player of all time, he's still five Grand Slams behind Williams. The tweet led to major clapbacks on Twitter, including a response cover from Fader Magazine (which is actually from its October/November issue).

Other people joked that GQ's tweet was just a simple typo.

Federer's fans volleyed back on Twitter, arguing that Serena and Federer could not be compared to one another. One user argued that Federer has won more tournament titles, despite winning fewer Grand Slams. Others point out that the two have had different opponents and competition in men's and women's tennis.

GQ's tweet and Fader's response spawned a quick, short-lived meme on Twitter though, with people declaring they also caught up with the "greatest tennis player of all time." I fully endorse Waluigi as the true king of the tennis courts.

Waluigi was created specifically for Mario Tennis because Wario needed a partner for doubles against Mario and Luigi. This man was born to play tennis! Though, there's also debate among Mushroom Kingdom tennis fans. Apparently, someone is a fan of how Baby Mario plays tennis.

And now Richie Tenebaum fans from the "Royal Tenebaums" are jumping on the joke too.

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