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Send your questions for Ford CEO Alan Mulally

The next CNET Conversation is with Ford CEO Alan Mulally. Anything you want to know as the automaker ventures brings more tech to its cars?

Alan Mulally, Ford CEO
Ford Motor

Exciting CNET Conversations news: our next Conversation takes place later today at CES 2010. I'll be interviewing Ford CEO Alan Mulally and asking about Ford's new role as the "tech car company" and much more. As always, I want to give you a chance to join the conversation, so please post any questions you'd like me to ask in the comments below.

Why the CEO of Ford for CNET Conversations? Well, Ford clearly sees that technology is the future of its brand--so much so that Mulally is a keynote speaker here at CES. Ford Sync is the high-tech power behind several CNET Editors' Choice-award winning cars, and the company recently announced an in-car Wi-Fi option that will turn any vehicle into a moving hot spot. And the connected car concept is putting cars at the heart of some of the most interesting developments at CES this year. Mulally should provide an interesting look at the future of in-car Internet, telematics, self-parking cars, and who knows what else. I'm looking forward to another interesting Conversation!