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Send messages that are deleted after they're read with DUE.IM

It can be hard to keep your communication truly secure. DUE.IM promises to encrypt your messages and securely delete them as soon as they are read.

Some messages are too sensitive for normal channels. If you can't pass a note or whisper in someone's ear, DUE.IM might be the tool for you. Each message you send will be deleted as soon as it's read, leaving no trace. Here's how to use it: 

  1. Point your browser to DUE.IM. 
  2. Enter your message in the box near the top. 
    Step 3: Enter message.
    Step 3: Enter message. Rob Lightner/CNET
  3. If you want to add a password to heighten security, enter it in the second box. This is optional. 
  4. Click "Create One Time Share Link" and copy the link generated. 
  5. Send the link to your recipient (and let them know the password if you used one). 
  6. Your message is encrypted, and is deleted when your recipient views it, or after 24 hours have elapsed. 

That's it! Note that there's no way to guarantee that some law enforcement agency can't force DUE.IM to cough up your data, so keep it legal. It does seem like a great way to send along passwords or mash notes, though.

If you want to enhance your browsing security while you're sending secret messages, check out this piece on private Web browsing. If you've been using the same passwords for more than a few months, check out this article on mastering the art of passwords.