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Send in your questions for Facebook's Chris Cox

Next up on CNET Conversations, Molly Wood will ask Facebook's second-in-command about the march to 500 million users, privacy, the Facebook movie, and whatever else you'd like to ask him. Send us your questions!

We've got a blockbuster summer on CNET Conversations, and the next big release is Chris Cox, vice president of product at Facebook and second-in-command under CEO Mark Zuckerberg (who, we can only imagine, is taking a break from interviews after a rough outing last month). I'm looking forward to a fresh face from Facebook and, hopefully, a good conversation and some solid answers.

Chris Cox, VP of Product at Facebook Steve Maller

Like it or leave it over privacy issues, Facebook's growth and popularity are unfettered--it is rapidly approaching 500 million users and Zuckerberg recently predicted it will hit a billion in the next three to five years. Chris Cox is the guy in charge of developing the products at the heart of that growth: profiles, the news feed, photos, videos, those oft-maligned Facebook Pages, and other elements of the site people interact with every day. So I can't think of a better person to ask about what's ahead, what's behind, and what's the deal with the movie.

Now, I'm sure the topic will come up, but let's be clear: I'm not going to spend our whole 20 to 30 minutes talking about privacy. I'm interested in Facebook's growing cold war with Twitter, how Cox will respond to the news that Google might be trying to build a competitor, and whether he thinks the site causes divorce.

Also, that all-pervasive Like button, the way it seems Facebook is becoming a sort of meta-Web: a layer that sits on top of the Web and grabs new connections from all its far-flung reaches. I'm also very, very curious about how Facebook plans to deal with its rapidly growing security issues (and why its new security feature is just about the only thing on the site that you actually have to opt into).

I could go on for a while here, but I also want to know what you're interested in hearing from Mr. Cox. Please, put your questions in the comments below!