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Self-folding Origami stroller finally rolls out

With an LCD interface, built-in generators, cup holders, and an automatic folding and unfolding feature, this tricked-out stroller sounds more like a Prius.

Origami stroller
Prepare your baby to work at Google some day.

We first covered the 4Moms Origami stroller way back in 2008. The $850 high-tech pram is finally set to arrive in January, with preorders currently under way.

Origami phone charging cable
An optional cable lets you charge your phone with pram power. (Click to enlarge.) 4Moms

The Origami isn't for parents who are into old-fashioned baby bonnets and bassinets. It's for parents who have purchased slobber-proof iPhone cases and Star Trek bibs for their little geeky angel. (The promo video features raunchy rock and roll music, in case you were still wondering about the target audience.)

A look at the details of the Origami make it sound more like a Prius than a baby-pushing accessory. It has an LCD interface, daytime running lights, pathway lights, cup holders, and a generator that collects the energy created as you walk in order to recharge the system.

A USB power cable accessory is available so you can charge your phone while you're hauling junior around the block.

The automatic folding feature will really catch the eye of harried parents who have the baby in one arm and an iPad in the other. The stroller can fold or unfold itself at the push of a button. A built-in child sensor means it won't eat your baby in the process.