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Seeking single, white, Mac-lovin' female

Microsoft Kin coming to a teeny bopper near you, Skype does multiperson conference calling, and how to find love in the cruel world of Apple fandom.

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Can two competing operating systems really make it work in the game of love? Maybe not. Maybe the world really does need Cupidtino, the Apple fans-only dating site discussed in Thursday's episode of Loaded.

My first reaction to this site was a resounding, "Oh brother!" I can't stand unabashed Apple love, even though I am exclusively a Mac user. However, being raised a Jehovah's Witness (which I am not any longer, but that is a topic outside the range of this post), I was taught not to date outside of my religion.

Later in life, I learned to refute that doctrine. After all, these are modern times. Popular dogma would have us all look past race, religion, or creed, right? But operating system? That might be too important of a lifestyle choice to ignore. I'm just saying.

Speaking of relationships, I'm curious as to what a multiperson video chat call will be like on Skype. The beta program for Windows users only, coming out next week, is designed to allow up to five people to hold a videoconference at a time. I am hoping to show it off on The CBS Early Show next week.

I've seen video chat software that attempted multiperson video chat, but none of those programs took off like Skype. Once Skype adopts this feature, I think it will be popular--especially with cross-country families like mine, though I insist that my family use Google video chat to conference with me because it is browser-based, and I don't like Skype eating up my CPU. I know. I'm demanding. Something to note, if I ever join Cupidtino.

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