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See zombies evolve over 100 years in gory time-lapse video

Fast-moving blood-soaked zombies are a relatively recent phenomenon. Go back in time and follow the undead evolution. (Things start to get really gross in 1996.)

Xbox zombie makeup
A zombie in the making.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You're probably familiar with those "100 years of style" videos showing how clothing and hairdos have evolved over time. The folks at Xbox decided to take that concept and apply it to "100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture."

Xbox posted the video to its official YouTube channel on Tuesday. It rates the video as M, or Mature, for "blood and gore, intense violence and strong language." The video doesn't have any NSFW words, but it does delve into plenty of physical carnage.

It kicks off in black and white with a look at voodoo zombies from 1932. These are almost unrecognizable based on today's "Walking Dead" standards for reanimated corpses. Instead of a mysterious medical outbreak, the creature is created through sipping a "special concoction."

Next, we leap toward 1968 and George Romero's iconic zombie flick "Night of the Living Dead." Now we start to seem some gaping wounds and signs of trauma. This is a classic example of a slow zombie, a shuffling but relentless undead creature determined to feast on the living.

Things start to get really gross in 1996. Viral zombies arrive and the blood factor ramps up considerably. It just gets gorier from there as the undead start to move at frightening speeds and pieces of flesh rot off in a dramatic fashion.

The final zombie entry is an eye-searing version of a "volatile" from the video game series Dying Light. You knew there had to be a marketing hook in here somewhere.