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See Walt Disney's Hologram Greet Guests in New Exhibit

Here's a first look at the late founder's hologram at the Franklin Institute.

red logo for The Walt Disney Company
Disney fans will get a chance to see an AI-generated hologram of Walt Disney himself. 
Alex Tai/Getty Images

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023 with events scattered throughout the year. In partnership with the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the company will launch Disney100: The Exhibition. The exhibit will premiere on Feb. 18, featuring a lifelike hologram of Walt Disney. 

Good Morning America previewed the exhibit, which shows the company's late founder speaking about Disney magic. The digital image was generated using archival footage from Disney and artificial intelligence, according to a report from The New York Times. 

In addition to hearing Walt Disney's greeting, visitors will be treated to the exhibit's 10-gallery showcase, spanning 15,000 square feet at the museum. Artifacts, original art, costumes and props -- including Black Panther's mask and Captain America's shield -- are among the 250-plus items that'll be part of the showing. Guests can also check out "moving stories" and interactive displays. 

Fans can visit Disney100: The Exhibition during its run at the Franklin Institute until August, and then the exhibit will tour museums around the world.