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Watch a $10,000 Apple Watch get crushed by powerful magnets

A couple of fist-sized neodymium magnets put the squeeze on an expensive Apple Watch for a memorable torture-test video.

Apple Watch crushed by magnets
The Apple Watch shouldn't stand a chance against these magnets. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There's a hidden part of human nature that revels in a bit of wanton destruction. The average person may occasionally host a fleeting thought along the lines of "What would it feel like to try to destroy something really expensive?"

YouTube user TechRax actually acts on this urge -- with a $10,000 Apple Watch.

TechRax wasn't content to just drop it or run over it with a car. He went for the gusto and hatched a tortuous stress test involving two extremely powerful neodymium magnets. You can guess what happens when a $10,000 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition gets in between a couple of super magnets that can't wait to connect with each other.

TechRax calculates the two magnets combined to exert 650 pounds of force on the unsuspecting watch. The magnets come together with a satisfying click and crunch, sandwiching the watch in the middle. The slo-mo replay shows sparks flying from the force of the impact.

The results are a mix of the expected along with a few surprises. The watch screen is nearly decapitated from the body, but the gold comes out with nary a scratch. It even takes a charge when hooked up to its cord. Despite these minor triumphs, this falls into the "don't try this at home" category. Those magnets are beasts.

This isn't the first gadget to face destruction at the hands of TechRax. The occasional Android device goes under a hammer or gets a drop test, but the most enthusiasm is reserved for Apple devices. The iPhone 6 is boiled in Coca-Cola, baked inside a turkey for hours and buried in snow to test its mettle. Based on all that, the Apple Watch got off easy.

(Via Fortune)