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The 'Stranger Things' police chief makes a surprisingly good Eleven

What's better than a mysterious girl with psychic powers? A mysterious girl with psychic powers played by a grown man with a beard.

He may have played Chief Jim Hopper in the hit Netflix horror series "Stranger Things," but actor David Harbour would rather have taken on the more challenging role of Eleven.

In a new video from comedy channel Funny or Die, Harbour proves that he could have played the mysterious girl with psychic powers, Eleven.

Watch as he tries to crush a cola can with his mind, punch people who question his friendship and spontaneously bleed from his nose. He also adds a few adult touches to the character. Because why shouldn't Eleven be a smoker?

Even when Harbour dresses up in a little girl's dress and a blonde wig, he's still kind of believable.

All that's missing is a shot of him frantically eating frozen waffles.

Harbour adds another dimension to Eleven that could only have come from an angry, smoking man with a beard. Too bad the show's creators typecast him as a washed-up police chief. Maybe he'll get a chance to channel the character he was born to play in "Stranger Things" season 2.