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Watch crazy jetpack daredevils fly in formation with a jumbo airplane

Fly the friendly skies with a couple of jetpack-wearing risk-takers who pull off one of the scariest aerial stunts ever seen.

Jetman Dubai in flight
Can you spot the jetpack-wearing stuntmen?
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

When you watch jetpack-wearing guys soaring through the air, you probably have one of two possible reactions: "nope" or "wheeeeeeeee!" Now add an Airbus A380 into the mix. It's a nearly 240-foot (72-meter) long superjumbo jet with four massive engines. It would be scary enough just getting close to one rolling along the ground.

Jetman Dubai is a team of jetpack-wearing daredevils. Previously, we saw them taking a graceful spin over Dubai. They decided that wasn't dangerous enough, so they got together with Emirates airline to make a video while flying in formation with a jumbo jet. The terror factor ramps up to 11.

The flight took place on October 13, and Emirates released a behind-the-scenes video of the stunt on Thursday. It shows the honking-huge aircraft zipping through the air as two Jetman Dubai members fly alongside it like a couple of gnats around a vulture. The men are dwarfed by the size of the plane.

The jetpacks use Kevlar wings and a set of engines to keep the wearers afloat in the air. The jetpacks could only run for about 10 minutes, giving Emirates a small window to film the dramatic formation flight.

"When you first heard about it, it was madness," said Gareth Lloyd Evans, Emirates flight operation manager. He soon looked on it as a challenge and opportunity. It took some detailed choreography to pull off the event since it all took place within a strictly confined airspace over Dubai.

The finished video of the stunt is both majestic and frightening. Cameras catch the view from inside and outside the plane as well as from the perspective of the flying men with nothing but air between them and the Airbus's wide wingspan. It's a stunning bit of aerial art that will get your blood moving even from the safety of your chair.

(Via The Verge)