See Hurricane Sandy's impact on the Internet

Watch a video showing how Internet routing servers fell to the immense power of this week's superstorm.

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus
A play by play look at how Sandy shut down the Internet when it struck the shore. Renesys

When Superstorm Sandy struck the northeastern U.S. coast earlier this week, it brought a swath of destruction that harmed people, places, and even Internet connectivity.

Check out a fascinating video by research firm Renesys that shows Sandy's impact on New England Internet routing networks during the hurricane's landfall on October 29. The clip reveals the tremendous damage inflicted upon servers that direct Internet traffic in the area, with the greatest losses seen along the heavily flooded New York and New Jersey coastlines.

The green blocks in the video indicate 99.5 percent availability for the routing servers in that area, while red means that more than 5 percent of the servers weren't communicating, most likely due to either loss of power or flooding from the superstorm.

"Manhattan's outage rates were much higher -- on the order of 10 percent, which is impressively low given the fact that ConEd cut power to much of the island," Renesys co-founder James Cowie said. "Silencing 10 percent of the networks in the New York area is like taking out an entire country the size of Austria, in terms of impact on the global routing table."

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