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See how Samsung torture-tested the Galaxy S4

A video from the Korean device maker shows the abuse its Android flagship smartphone is put through before hitting the public.

Samsung's own torture testing of the Galaxy S4 is shocking in its own way.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Samsung has occasionally been criticized in the past for sticking with lighter, plastic-y, and presumably less tough materials in even its flagship phones like the Galaxy S4. But the Korean monolith is out to prove that it did its best to torture-test at least the S4 before unleashing it on our harsh, unforgiving world filled with countless basins of water, fumbling fingers, and perhaps worst of all -- curious kids.

The below video shows the gauntlet of Samsung's "reliability" testing that the Galaxy S4 was run through. Apparently the phone had to survive being dropped a few feet onto a hard, metal surface hundreds of times, free-fall from a height high enough to shatter a ceramic mug, and a front-facing impact hard enough to crush a walnut shell.

We also see the Galaxy S4 submerged in water for "dozens of seconds" and given a "saltwater sauna" among other tests.

The demonstration is pretty impressive, but coming directly from Samsung it obviously isn't that objective. However, it seems in line with what CNET's Luke Westaway found when he put the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 through some serious abuse. Scroll down further to see the results of that head-to-head and let me know in the comments if you're convinced that Samsung has created one tough (plastic) cookie.

Luke Westaway, from CNET UK's Crave blog was less forgiving. Watch him run over the Galaxy S4 here:

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