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See DIY mind-controlled spy robot in action

Bored? You too can build one of these with stuff you can buy on Amazon and some know-how.

As a tech blogger who gets to see cool stuff daily, I may be a bit jaded. On Monday, my editor asked if I felt like writing about a mind-controlled networked miniature spy robot and my initial reaction was "meh." But then I thought about what she'd just typed and it hit me that it's a mind-controlled networked miniature spy robot. Of course I felt like writing about it!

It's a homemade bash using WowWee's Rovio Wi-Fi robotic Web camera and Emotiv Systems' EPOC gaming headset, which lets players manipulate a game environment with their mind and facial gestures alone. Using Emotiv's SDK and his own Robotdance software, RobotsRule resident mad scientician Robert Oschler hacked together a system that allows him to use the headset to control the robot remotely via Skype.

We can't find a good reason to put this all together except one: it's totally awesome. But that doesn't mean some others won't find an actual use for the setup. The Rovio robot is available now, the Robotdance 5 beta package will be available on May 20, and the EPOC headset will be out later this year, just in case, you know, you want to make your own mind-controlled networked camera-equipped spy robot.