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See a musical tribute to 'Doctor Who' played on a Tardis-blue piano

Musician Sonya Belousova celebrates 50 years of "Doctor Who" by paying tribute to the TV show's iconic theme on a Tardis-blue piano.

How many pianos do you think are stashed away inside the Tardis? Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Whovians everywhere know the "Doctor Who" theme song by heart -- or if you're a Time Lord, by two hearts.

In this video from Player Piano, we see composer/pianist Sonya Belousova -- cosplaying throughout as each of the "Doctor Who" Time Lords -- play the theme song on none other than a Tardis-blue piano.

Of course, the video is shot in front of the Tardis spacecraft itself. The only thing missing is a herd of Daleks demanding her to play faster.

While the original "Doctor Who" theme was written by Ron Grainer in 1963, the year the BBC show made its debut, this video tribute is a mix of that tune and an original piano arrangement by Belousova. Somehow, we think even the Master would approve.