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See a dude's world rocked by laser-like sound of skipping stones

Watch Alaskan video blogger Cory Williams completely lose his mind when he discovers the laser-like sound rocks make when skipping across a frozen lake.

Many of us who live in places that get mind-numbingly cold have experienced the wonderful sound produced when skipping rocks across a recently frozen lake. It sounds like there's a "Star Wars"-esque laser blaster battle happening somewhere nearby.

Cory Williams, aka Mr. Safety, moved from sunny Los Angeles to the also-sunny but very, very cold city of Anchorage, Alaska, in August, and has been vlogging (video blogging, for the uninitiated) his experiences on YouTube. In his latest video, aptly titled "Coolest Sound Ever," Williams discovers this wonderful sound, and his reaction is priceless. He just completely loses his mind in amazement.

According to Canada's Cottage Life, the high-pitched laser-like noise you hear is due to ice vibration patterns atop clear ice that's been recently frozen but hasn't really been snowed on. So the next time you find yourself in a cold climate in late October to early December before the first real snowfall happens, you can hear this noise for yourself by skipping a rock on a just-frozen lake or pond.

Note: Start the video at the 3:40 mark and watch the fun unfold.

He just can't believe the sound it makes when you skip rocks on a frozen lake. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Huffington Post)