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Security professionalism.

Apple shows it's serious.

Back in February, the Macalope asked Apple to take security more seriously.

Today Ryan Naraine reports that Apple is doing just that and points to several key technologies that David Maynor said made Vista more secure than OS X -- such as ASLR -- that will be included in Leopard.

This, along with Steve Jobs' statement concerning the security protocol that will be included in the iPhone SDK, show that Apple is taking security seriously. We can argue whether these are the right measures to be taken or how effectively they're being implemented, but this is still good news.

If you're wondering where the snark is in this post, there really isn't any. But don't worry, the Macalope's working on an Enderle piece that should fulfill your USDA daily recommended dose of snark. Oh, Rob. The Macalope could never quit you.