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Security camera catches USPS worker's amazingly lazy delivery

It's bad enough when FedEx or UPS throw your delivery onto your porch. But a home security camera catches a USPS truck driving across a lawn so it can get closer to the front door.

Sorikan/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There will never come a day when you have truly seen it all.

As living proof of this belief, might I offer you this footage from the security camera owned by Mark Anderson of LaGrange, Ga.

Anderson had set up his home technology primarily to monitor his disabled mother. He linked it to a private YouTube account.

However, when he took a quick look at what was going on at home from his desk at work, you might imagine his incredulity.

For there was a USPS delivery woman bringing a package to his door.

There was one small issue with her method of delivery. In order, it seemed, to make it easier to get to Anderson's front door, the USPS driver had maneuvered her truck straight across his lawn.

Anderson made the footage public to only 10 people. But then it appeared on Reddit and soon, on YouTube, where it was noted: "The package was not heavy in any way, and yet this woman made the decision to do this."

He said he recorded this footage using open-source iSpyconnect software with a Panasonic camera.

He told The Blaze that he'd like the USPS to reprimand the woman in some way.

He added, however, that "I don't want someone to lose their job with the way things are these days, but she shouldn't have done that."

This isn't the first time delivery staff have been caught by home security cameras in the act of something slightly awkward.

Who can forget the stellar on-camera performance of the UPS courier who tossed a Zappos package and then gave the camera his largest digit?

Then there was the FedEx delivery man who was caught tossing a Samsung monitor over a fence.

There does, though, seem something a touch indolent about driving over a lawn so that you don't have to walk a few more feet to deliver a parcel.

Indeed, a USPS spokeswoman told me: "We are very sorry for the conduct of this letter carrier, who has now been identified. This behavior is obviously not acceptable and is being addressed. I definitely want to add that the majority of our employees are incredibly hard-working individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty daily through all sorts of weather and obstacles to deliver our nation's mail and packages. We are all saddened by this video."

There is no record of whether any of Anderson's herbaceous borders were damaged in this incident.