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Security Cam takes iPhone pics with sound triggers

Security enthusiasts can now turn an iPhone into a photo-capturing tool with an app that can snap away using both a timer and the iPhone's microphone.

Security Cam can be set up to snap shots on an interval, or by sound. Like this ghost.

New app Security Cam from Crowded Road ($0.99 iTunes link) has had a long journey to the App Store. Its creators tell us the app was first submitted to Apple back in December of 2008, where it remained in review purgatory before finally getting approved earlier this week.

The app lets iPhone owners set a phone to take a picture, either at a set interval of minutes, or every time the phone's microphone picks up sound. The two modes can also be set to run at the same time, so it'll take photos every few minutes, and when it picks up noise.

Along with these settings, the app can also be set to put your phone to sleep after a selected period of time, as well as watermark photos with a time stamp of when it was taken. These shots then end up in your photo roll.

Of course, the one problem with this app, and any others like it, is that you have to set up your phone somewhere, then retrieve it in order to see the shots it's taken. This is slightly less convenient than tools like IP Camera, which we checked out back in October. That app lets you see photos as they're being taken. Although unlike Security Cam, it does not save them locally, or make use of the iPhone's microphone hardware.