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Second Rotation will find a life for your old gadgets on eBay

Now comes a site for people who want to sell old electronics gear online but don't want to become eBay Power Sellers.

How many of us have the equivalent of a consumer electronics museum cluttering up our home?

Second Rotation, which launched its Web site on Monday, buys back old consumer electronics and sells them on eBay for you. If you're diligent, there are ways to recycle that cell phone or iPod gathering dust in your closet. But this sounds like a convenient way to recycle and get money for your stuff at the same time.

Second Rotation

The process is designed to be very simple: You sign up on the Web site, find what price you can get for your unused gear, and then print out a DHL shipping slip and send it away. You get paid by check or PayPal transaction.

Behind the scenes, Second Rotation is mashing up data from eBay to check current prices. It makes money by buying your goods a bit cheaper than what it thinks it can sell them for on eBay, according to company Chief Operating Officer Israel Ganot.

Right now, Second Rotation lists about 2,500 items and intends to expand to about 5,000 items in the coming months. The categories are cell phones, digital cameras, digital music players, camcorders and GPS devices.

"The premise of the business is that in the last two years the pace of innovation and upgrades is getting faster and faster," said Ganot. "We're trying to plug into the faster pace and help move things from one place to another."

People could sell these items themselves but the idea behind Second Rotation is to make it really easy for casual sellers.

The company also intends to let people recycle consumer electronics that don't have any resale value. Rather than sell them on eBay, it will salvage parts and potentially work with recyclers, Ganot said.

In the next few weeks, Second Rotation will announce partnerships with retailers where they will let customers turn in their old gear when they buy something new.