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Seatylock: Stash a foldable bike lock under your butt

A clever combination of a bike saddle and a lock is looking to replace clunky and inconvenient old-school locks.

Ride and lock down your bike in style. Seatylock

Lately, designers have been putting a lot of thought into building a better bike lock. Clunky chains and hefty metal u-shaped locks are starting to look like relics when you compare them to bikes with handlebars that double as locks or bikes with whole frames that double as locks. Now you have the opportunity to pledge for a bike seat that contains a nifty, foldable lock.

The Seatylock on Kickstarter comes from a design team that already successfully crowdfunded the Foldylock, a compact, foldable bike lock. The Seatylock simply takes the concept and integrates it into the bike saddle. There are a couple of smart reasons for doing this. For starters, using your saddle as a lock insures your saddle won't be stolen off your bike. It also means you're not going to forget your lock, since you need your seat to ride.

The lock folds out to just over 3 feet in length. The flat links are made from hardened steel with a plastic overlay to keep your bike scratch-free. It's compatible with any standard bike seat post. The locks weigh just under three pounds, but Seatylock's creators say the placement of the weight under your center of gravity makes it comfortable to carry about.

The seat-locks are going for an $85 pledge (£52, AU$97) and are available in either a narrower Trekking style or a wider Comfort style. A quick-release lever makes it fast to take the saddle off and put it back on again before you ride.

Seatylock has 50 days left to go in the campaign and is up to over $25,000 in pledges toward a $40,000 goal. If you're extraconcerned about bike security, then perhaps you could put together your own combination of a bike with a handlebar lock, frame lock and a seat lock. A bike like that would be as close to unstealable as you're likely to get.

Seatylock on a bike
The Seatylock in action protecting a bike. Seatylock