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Seattle getting introduced to the Nissan Leaf EV

Collaborative effort with Ecotality's eTec will add another region to target for the all-electric car and charging stations.

Artist's rendition of what EV Project charging stations will look like.
Johnston Marklee for Ecotality

Nissan is certainly laying the ground work to provide would-be buyers plenty of places to charge the all-electric Leaf car coming out in 2010.

In conjunction with Ecotality subsidiary eTec, Nissan North America is announcing yet another area in the U.S. where it will try to sell its electric car and offer public charging stations in conjunction with a U.S Department of Energy-sponsored program.

The Leaf is scheduled to be showcased at a press conference in Seattle with Mayor Greg Nickels on Wednesday to kick off the Pacific Northwest effort. On Monday, Nissan announced collaborations in San Francisco, and in November it announced the program in San Diego, Calif.

eTec, which was awarded $100 million from the Energy Department, heads the Energy Department-sponsored EV Project, which plans to offer public charging stations for the cars at both independent stations and existing retail parking lots. When completed, the charging stations should provide coverage for greater metropolitan areas in Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington.

For the Pacific Northwest project, the company is working with a regional planning manager to implement charging stations that would cover the areas surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia, and Eugene, Ore.

The "Nissan LEAF Zero Emission Tour," Nissan's big marketing push to show off its all-electric car, will cover 22 cities in 11 U.S. states, as well as the District of Columbia and Vancouver.