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Season premiere floods 'Lost' fan wiki

It wasn't a record-breaker for Lostpedia.com, a fan wiki devoted to the obsessively detailed sci-fi series, but the show's final-season premiere did bring in the hordes of devotees.

A promo shot for the final series of 'Lost,' which premiered on Tuesday.
ABC Television

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you probably know that the final season of sci-fi-action-adventure-drama series "Lost" premiered on Tuesday--so what happened over at one of its most popular fan sites? CNET hit up the team behind Wikia, which hosts and operates "Lost" fan encyclopedia Lostpedia, for some details on exactly what their traffic was like right after the two-hour episode aired.

In short: It wasn't the site's biggest night, but it was still impressive.

Sixty new pages were added to the wiki in the wake of the finale, additions that night tallied 4,370 (up from a daily average of 520), and Wikia tabulated that 13,000 man-hours were spent on the site once you consider all the individuals who showed up and edited. A page for theories about the season premiere had been worked on by 233 amateur editors as of Tuesday evening.

The total page view count at Lostpedia on Tuesday night was 1.3 million. That didn't match the 2.5 million who showed up on the days surrounding last season's finale, but it's a lot more than the average of 350,000 prior to Tuesday's premiere.

Lostpedia is soul-suckingly intricate, detailing everything from literary works featured on the show to the absurd number of "Deadwood" cast members who have made guest appearances to the wife of the dead guy whom Ben Linus pretended to be.

It's one of the most high-profile hits for Wikia, the for-profit company founded by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales. And it's true, the format works quite well for subcultures and rabid fan followings--but when the "Lost" storyline runs dry at the end of this season, who knows what'll become of Lostpedia's base.