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Giant jar of cheese balls devours Sean Spicer press briefing

Say cheese. When Donald Trump's press secretary requests an off-camera briefing, the cameras have to point at something.

Sometimes, an unlikely star arises in the most cheesy of situations.

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave a press briefing from Palm Beach, Florida, and stayed off-camera for the session. The cameras had to focus on something, and an enormous, partially eaten jar of cheese balls stepped up.

The news of the day was quite serious: the recent strikes on a Syrian airfield authorized by US President Donald Trump. But those cheese balls just couldn't stay out of the news.

The color of the cheese balls led to a number of presidential comparisons.

Or were the puffy snacks meant to represent the press?

Fans of "The Office" remembered cheese balls were a Scranton staple.

Maybe it's just a sign of the times.

And of course, the bucket of cheese balls immediately nabbed a Twitter account of its own.

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