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Seattle Seahawks uniforms go Grinch-green on Monday Night Football

It's not easy being green, especially when your team looks like a highlighter dipped in nuclear waste.

Seattle residents, if you noticed a blinding light emanating from the area of CenturyLink Field, it might have been the Seahawks' Monday Night Football uniforms. The Hawks soundly thrashed the Minnesota Vikings 21-7 in a game with playoff implications, and there are some fashion implications as well.

The Seahawks wore their Action Green Color Rush uniforms, which according to 24/7 Sports, have only been worn twice in the team's history. Maybe for good reason: This look was louder than the famously vocal Seattle home crowd.

Fans on social media couldn't see their way to admire the unis. The look was compared to everything from Dr. Seuss' Grinch to The Great Gazoo, the green alien from The Flintstones, to highlighter markers to Jolly Rancher candies.

Even Seahawks fans found that it's not easy being green.

And while Seattleites don't often need sunglasses, some suggested they might want to dig them out. Or possibly dig out those eclipse glasses from 2017.

The uniforms didn't seem to bother the Seahawks, who won handily. Maybe they blinded the Vikes.

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