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Seagate ships GoFlex Slim portable drive

Seagate announces the availability of the 9mm-thick GoFlex Slim, the newest and thinnest member of its GoFlex portable-hard-drive family.

The new GoFlex Slim portable drive is now available for purchase.
The GoFlex Slim portable drive is now available for purchase.
Dong Ngo/CNET

First announced at CES 2011, the GoFlex Slim portable hard drive is the thinnest portable hard drive in the Seagate GoFlex family.

The company announced today that the drive is now available for purchase.

Equipped with a 2.5-inch, 7,200rpm Momentus Thin internal hard drive, the GoFlex Slim is just 9 millimeters thick, some 40 percent thinner than other GoFlex portable drives such as the GoFlex Pro (500GB). As a matter of fact, the Slim is even thinner than a traditional 2.5-inch SATA internal hard drive, which is 9.5mm.

The drive is preformatted using the NTFS file system for Windows but comes with software drivers that allow any Mac running OS X 10.6 or later to have full access to the drive without changing its file system to HFS+.

Seagate says that it will release in May a Mac version of the drive that is preformatted using HFS+ and comes with software drivers that enable Windows-based computers to have full access. The Mac version will be in white.

The GoFlex Slim comes with a USB 3.0 connection and also works with USB 2.0 USB ports. Like all drives in the GoFlex family, it can be used with any other type of peripheral port when coupled with appropriate adapters (which cost extra).

Despite the new, much slimmer design, the Slim works with any existing GoFlex adapter, and its included USB 3.0 adapter can also be used with any existing GoFlex portable drive or any internal 2.5-inch SATA internal drive.

The drive is available in only one capacity, 320GB, and costs $99.99. You can read the full review of the device here.