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Screenwriters strike playlist

Screenwriters strike playlist

House MD is one of the many shows that rely on screenwriters.

While some 12,000 TV and film screenwriters go on strike this week, people are filling the void by turning to other forms of media, such as DVDs and the Internet. Ironically, these outlets are exactly what the members of the Writers Guild want more of the profit of (and don't want people to support). They're hoping to come to an agreement soon, although the last walk out like this (in 1988) lasted for five months. Ouch.

We'll miss The Office, Desperate Housewives and Conan O'brien, but it's not the end of the world, right? Rather, it's the perfect time to listen to new music on! Check out this made-for-TV screenwriters strike playlist now (while you work), then go to the artist pages to download or stream the songs. The playlist includes Johnny Cash, E40, Simply Red, the House MD soundtrack and more. Read our related newsletter here.

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