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Scosche gives the Shuffle 3G actual buttons

Accessory manufacturer Scosche releases its TapStick case for the Apple iPod Shuffle 3G, which includes button controls.

Photo of the Scosche TapStick.
An MP3 player with buttons? How novel. Scosche Industries

The third-generation Apple iPod Shuffle has a ridiculously small and elegant design, but its lack of buttons can sometimes be a real buzz kill. The Scosche TapStick is a $29 case for the iPod Shuffle that bestows three buttons on the front of the device, mimicking the three controls used on Apple's headphone remote. A 3-foot auxiliary cable is also included with the case.

Frankly, $30 seems like a lot of dough to throw at an iPod that only costs $80. But if you received the Shuffle as a gift and just need a way to adapt the thing for your car stereo's aux input, the TapStick's relatively large buttons and snap-on design should do the trick.

Update: The retail price of the Scosche TapStick is $29, and not $39, as stated in the company's original press release.