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Scoreloop growing at 100k new users a day

The social-gaming network that started out on the iPhone and then went to Android is now reaching 100,000 new users a day--a number that the company hopes will get bigger with a new Taiwanese telco partnership.

Scoreloop logo

Cross-platform social-gaming network Scoreloop is now growing at more than 100,000 new users a day.

The service, which acts as an add-on for game developers to tack on in-game payments, leaderboards, matchmaking, and various other social-networking features to their applications, can now be found on the iOS and Android.

Scoreloop CEO Marc Gumpinger told CNET that other platforms are soon to follow, including HP's WebOS, Windows Mobile, BREW and Symbian, but that right now he's floored at how fast it's taken off. "To put it in perspective, Google just communicated a week ago that they activate 200,000 new devices per day," he said. "We're growing at half the size Android is today."

So where are these 100,000 new users coming from? Gumpinger said that it's a mix. "It varies because we're focusing on the very good games. Whenever there's a new, good game, it skews toward Android, and then there's another good iPhone game. The percentage tends to be 50 percent between iPhone and Android." Of that, Gumpinger says that around half of Scoreloop's users come from North America, 35 percent coming from Europe, and some 10 percent from Asia.

To boost usage in that last region, the company on Tuesday is announcing that it's partnered with Springhouse Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Taiwanese mobile operator Chungwa Telecom. Gumpinger said Springhouse will use Scoreloop as part of its first-party app offerings. "They get a custom version of our infrastructure that they can brand. They are giving it out to their developers, and in turn tens of millions of users," he said.

Gumpinger said Springhouse can push out updates of the Scoreloop platform to developers just as fast as they're released by Scoreloop itself because it has been designed to be a white-label product. "We set it up not just to be on the 100 million users on the iPhone," he said. "Though white label might be a little mislabeled--Scoreloop does have its own place within the interface. Carriers are able to add their own brand as well. The first OEMs approaching us now too."

According to Gumpinger, some of the apps that are bringing in the most new users are Hungry Shark on the iPhone, and Toss It and Jewels on the Android.