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Scooter rider uses cell phone as headlight, gets pulled over

A cell phone strapped to a scooter didn't fool a cop who pulled over a rider for driving at night without a working headlight.

Not a substitute for a working headlight.
Pasco Sheriff's Office

It's nighttime. Your scooter headlight is out, but you have a cell phone and a bungee cord. You come to the dubious conclusion that your phone's flashlight is good enough to get you home. You are wrong. A deputy with the Pasco Sheriff's Office in Pasco County, Florida, pulled over a scooter rider for trying to jerry-rig a temporary headlight.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office shared news of the incident on both Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday. "Wasn't such a BRIGHT idea. Driver was sent home walking," the sheriff noted.

The scooter rider had bungee-corded the phone to the two-wheeler's mirror, but that didn't fool the deputy who pulled him over.

The sheriff's photo shows the phone glowing weakly from its perch near the scooter's defunct headlight. Though a phone's flashlight feature may be enough to help you find those coins you dropped outside in the dark, it's not strong enough to replace a headlight.