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Scion xD gets the claw

Scion shows off a specially modified xD model, with a claw machine mounted in back, at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Five Axis Design Scion xD wide body
Why is everyone hanging out behind this Scion xD?
CNET Networks/Sarah Tew

Some custom car modders put in massive engines, some load cars with LCDs, but Five Axis Design put a claw machine in a Scion xD, which is on display at the 2007 LA Auto Show. Looking through the back window of this specially modified Scion xD, you can gaze longingly at a pile of little stuffed toys. Start up the claw, and you have a limited amount of time to try to drop the claw on a stuffed prize by using the joystick mounted on the back of the car. If you are successful, the claw will drop the toy into a slot, and you can pull it out of the back of the Scion.

Claw game in Scion xD
This claw game is the big attraction. CNET Networks/Sarah Tew

Actually, Five Axis did a lot more than just put in a claw machine. This xD looks little like the original, as it is a wide-body design with flared rails along the bottom half of the doors. For entertainment, the car gets a Pioneer AVIC D3 navigation and stereo head unit. And, not to stray too far from show-car orthodoxy, the xD has four exterior video screens.