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ScanLife 2D Barcode reader comes to iPhone

ScanLife allows for immediate connection to a Web page without having to remember its URL on the iPhone.

Facebook's EZcode.

Scanbuy announced on Wednesday their free Scanlife barcode reader for iPhone called ScanLife. The software allows for scanning an EZcode using the iPhone's camera then instantaneously executing an individual action that the code is associated to, such as launching a Web site without you having to remember its URL and typing it on the phone's browser.

ScanLife saves you from having to remember and type in the URL for a web page. ScanLife

I tried ScanLife on my new iPhone 3G to launch a few Web sites, and it worked very well most of the time, even when the code is not on the center of the photo. A few times when the photo was blurry or underexposed, I had to take it again.

The software only works with EZcodes, which you can create your own for free after a quick registration. You can even create an EZcode for a specific Web page, for example, to send users directly to an iTunes page to preview and purchase a specific song or to watch a particular video on YouTube.

ScanLife is available for other smartphones, too. You can get it by texting the word "SCAN" to 43588 to receive the download instructions or go to www.getscanlife.com on your mobile browser. ScanLife supports hundreds of other camera cell phones running major mobile operating systems including BREW, Java, Symbian, Palm, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

This seems a fun and convenient way to access and process information from your phones, especially when the implementation of EZCodes becomes popular.

There's a catch, though: your memory will atrophy, and soon enough you won't be able to do anything without your phone. This has already happened to me.