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Scan my bosom with ScanMe's QR code T-shirts

Let your chest handle the social networking with QR code T-shirts from ScanMe. Your custom-printed bar code shirt leads back to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.

ScanMe QR code T-shirt
It's not polite to stare, but it's OK to scan.

QR codes aren't just for boring business marketing. We recently checked out Barcode Gallery, a company that sells QR codes (two-dimensional bar codes that link to messages or Web sites) as wall art. Now you can emblazon those codes on a custom T-shirt for a high-tech fashion statement with ScanMe's shirt-printing service.

ScanMe creates a custom QR code just for you. It links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles and can include your latest status message, a way to e-mail you, or even your phone number.

Anyone who wants a modicum of privacy can control how much information the scan pulls up. That's smart, because the people you want checking out your LinkedIn account usually aren't the same as the people you want to be friends with on Facebook.

These T-shirts offer more of a fashion statement than a mere black and white collection of boxes within a square. Some of the designs veer off into Threadless territory with the bar code buried within a Space Invaders-style illustration or coming from the mouth of a blue Twitter bird.

ScanMe is a United Kingdom company, but it offers free worldwide postage on the shirts. Prices start around $22 and range up to around $35 per shirt.

I'll admit that this is a fun cross pollination of fashion and technology. Guys will love it. It saves the hassle of having to write an e-mail address down for that hot geek lady at the bar.

I'm just not sure I want people scanning my chest all the time. If I do want to network with someone, I would have to encourage them to take a scan of my bosom. That will either bomb at the next business meeting or I'll become the most popular woman in town. Maybe I should try it. But first, I'll change my status message to, "Eyes up here."