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Say what? When it comes to uptime, 'Second Life' founder is on cloud nine

Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale encourages users to be optimistic about the virtual world's frequent downages.

Griefing, like this prankster's 'Super Mario' barrage, is one of the reasons behind 'Second Life's' more-than-occasional server problems. To be fair, this Mario army did not crash the virtual world.
Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Virtual world Second Life, the centerpiece of this weekend's Second Life Community Convention in Chicago, has occasionally come under fire for its outages. Scheduled downtime, unpredicted outages, server crashes due to onslaughts of thousands of Super Mario graphics flooding the tubes (those are from griefers, natch)--it's a headache for newbies and avid residents alike.

But in his keynote at the convention on Saturday morning, Philip Rosedale, the founder and CEO of Second Life parent company Linden Lab, suggested that we all look on the bright side. The virtual world is active about 90 percent of the time, he said.

"If you look at our overall service performance lately, we're sort of somewhere above 90 percent availability once you include the planned downtimes for updates and you include the unplanned stuff that we seem to be doing to ourselves," he said self-deprecatingly. Then he added, "That's one nine, and it's better to have one nine than not any nines at all."